Vegetables Bag

The vegetables bag project consisted in selling a supply for 2 portions of locally produced vegetables at an affordable price for students and staff through Rechtstreex website. The vegetables were ordered during the weekend and picked up on wednesdays at the Zwarte Doos  Grand Cafe. The people buying the bag received some recipes to have some inspiration to prepare healthy meals with their supply.

In the first month of the project there was a promotion to encourage people to buy the veggie bag. There was the opportunity of winning a supply for one month of vegetable bags. Therefore four people won a supply for the month of October.

Sustainability goals involved:   3, 8 12
Some of the goals that are related to the movie are:

  • Decent work and economic growth:
  • Good health and well being:  
  • Responsible consumption and production: The products that were delivered by Rechtstreex were locally produced, organic and fresh. The objective of this project was to contribute to the consumption of products from local farms who sell their products at a fair price improving their quality of life. Another purpose of this project was to foment a healthy diet to students and staff through the recipes and tips therefore related to the good health and well being goal.

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