The USE Base Course is a compulsory course for bachelor students in their first year. USE stands for User, Society and Entrepreneurship; aspects that should be considered when designing solutions to problems that engineers are faced with. GO Green Office  collaborated with the organisers of this course in order to include a sustainability perspective into the course material since we consider it to be also an important aspect to take into account to create better solutions to tomorrow problematics.

  • Names of collaborating partners: responsible lecturers and group responsible for basic bachelor college courses.
  • Contacts of partners:
    • Responsible lecturer:
      • E.B.A. van der Vleuten
    • co-lecturer
      • dr. P.J. Nickel
      • L.M.M. Royakkers
      • dr. E.R.H. O’Neill
      • dr. S.R. Nyholm
      • dr. L.E. Frank
      • dr. G.J.T. Bombaerts
      • prof.dr. R. Oldenziel
      • dr. M. Davids
      • F.C.A. Veraart

Sustainability goals involved: All (creating awareness in a very broad audience)

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