Report about Eurest Verantwoord Assortiment

Since January 2011 the TU/e collaborates with Eurest for the catering to students and employees. It is important to the university that the caterer has the same vision regarding sustainable business and therefore they made an agreement with Eurest that in the beginning of 2011 40% of their assortment should be sustainable and that this percentage should grow with 5% every year.

Eurest’s assortment consists of products which have well-known sustainability labels (like Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade or EKO)  but they also have their own assortment called Eurest Verantwoord (EVA). This assortment is put together by Eurest themselves and there is an independent third party that makes sure the products are a sustainable or a healthy choice. The assortment is based on guidelines from the Dutch Voedingscentrum, Keurmerkenwijzer Milieu Centraal and the sustainable procurement policy from the Dutch government.

According to Eurest, they meet the requirements of the TU/e even without the EVA. If a product is a part of the EVA and already has a sustainability label, only the label will count for the sustainability percentage.

The main advice for Eurest in this report is that it should provide a clear overview why some products are part of the EVA. When the TU/e knows why some products are part of this EVA, they can consider if this fits their vision regarding sustainable business and the EVA could be a part of the sustainability percentage.


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