BOGO Bottles

The Join the Pipe initiative is an organization striving to make clean drinking water available all over the world. If you buy one of their Buy One Give One (BOGO) bottles, a pupil in Africa also gets a bottle. The GO Green Office TU/e supports this initiative and has organized several events to promote the BOGO Bottle at TU/e.

For starters, we opened an extra tap water spot at the Flux building to promote tap water drinking. There were also several promotion campaigns in corporation with the Spar store at Flux, and the Student shop at Metaforum. For example, there were combination deals with croissants or Tony Chocolonely bars to promote the BOGO.


UN sustainability goals involved

There are three UN sustainability goals involved. The first one is clean water and sanitation: the objective of Join the Pipe is to make clean water world-widely available, so supporting this cause also supports the sixth UN goal. The twelfth goal, responsible consumption and production, is also involved. Using BOGO bottles, as opposed to using normal plastic bottles that will be thrown away after one or two times usage, is much more responsible. Less plastic waste will be produced; waste that is likely to end up in the ocean. This brings us to the final UN goal involved: life below water. As the plastic waster decreases we help prevent more plastic garbage patches in the ocean, which of course improves life in the water.

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Sustainability goals involved:  6, 12, 14

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