The TU/e Campus, which even now is a green and sustainable campus with a park-like look, is well underway to becoming even more sustainable. Sustainability is visible in our education, our research and on our campus. In 2015 TU/e was climate neutral, and the aim is to be fifty percent energy neutral in 2030. This means that in that year half of our energy will be generated by TU/e itself. The GO Green Office is the platform where students and employees with fresh minds connect to shape inspiring ideas and launch projects at the TU/e, all with the objective to stimulate this sustainability transition. The vision of the GO Green Office is to have sustainability incorporated and visible in everyone’s daily life at TU/e.


The mission of the GO Green Office is to enable advancements which increase sustainability in daily activities and operations at TU/e. Simultaneously raise the knowledge about sustainability: what does TU/e do and why, and to increase self-knowledge about personal influence on sustainability (what can YOU do). Via these instruments, we want to make TU/e and its people act more sustainable and thus realize a positive effect on sustainability. Hence the two pillars of the GO will focus on awareness and sustainability advancements.

Pillars GO Green Office TU/e

The O&C team focuses on making the internal processes more sustainable at the TU/e-organisation and around the campus. The team advises people and parties about the chances they have with regard to sustainability and initiate collaborations to tackle sustainability challenges. Next to these top-down  approaches, we also listen to support students who have ideas or ambitions related to sustainability around the campus. All the O&C projects will be under the pillar Awareness or Sustainability advancements.

The R&E team focuses on improving the education of the students by promoting sustainability in courses. The team shows (sustainability-related) research done at the TU/e and makes sure we compete in national and international rankings. The R&E projects will be in line with 100% Future Friendly campaign and will where possible connect its project to it. All the R&E projects will be under the pillar Awareness or Sustainability advancements.