Fairtrade cookies at study associations

Discuss what it means to become a Fairtrade University while enjoying fair trade cookies!


October 6, 2016


October 6, 2016


TU/e campus study associations bars   View map

In order to raise awareness about the Fairtrade certification of the TU/e and fair trade in general, GO members visited the weekly drinks of the study associations on campus. To help move the conversation along, we brought fair trade cookies, baked at the local sustainable bakery Broodt. As the students enjoyed their cookies, the GO members could tell them about sustainability and engage in friendly discussions about what sustainability means for students in their daily projects.

Sustainability goals involved:

The TU/e decided to become a Fairtrade University, meaning it is engaged in sustainability on a broader level than only the environmental factors. By becoming Fairtrade certified, the TU/e showed that students, researchers, and large institutions in general should consider the impact our (purchasing) behavior has on people elsewhere. Fair consumption means equal opportunities for people, irrespective of where in the world they are, while taking into accounts all aspects of sustainable growth.

    1. 8 – Decent work and economic growth
    2. 10 – Reduced inequalities
    3. 12 – Responsible consumption and production


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