Fairtrade certificate ceremony

Fairtrade certificate ceremony

Main involved partners: TU Eindhoven, Gemeente Eindhoven, Grand Café De Zwarte Doos
Location: TU/e campus Zwarte Doos
Date & Time: 2016-11-03
Description: During the Fairtrade Certificate Award Ceremony announcement was made that the TU/e becomes a fairtrade university, making the ambitions on social sustainability tangible. This means that TU/e has made significant steps, and dedicates even more to work on their social responsibility.

Mr Jo van Ham (member of the TU/e executive board) received the certificate from the alderman mr Wilbert Seuren (D66) of the municipality of Eindhoven. For this, TU/e got a street sign which says: “Fairtrade University”. This sign will be placed at prominent places like the entrances.

Sustainability goals involved: No poverty, Decent work and economic growth
Decent work and economic growth & No poverty: Fairtrade is about giving producers/workers a fair price for their product. The goal is that everybody in the product chain can make a decent living, and does not live in poverty.

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