Vacancy Sustainable Change Agent (8 hours/week)

Do you want to join our enthusiastic team to make TU/e even more sustainable? The GO Green Office is currently looking for new members, starting September 2020!

The GO Green Office is the platform where students and employees with fresh minds shape innovative sustainable ideas and launch projects, all with the objective to stimulate TU/e’s sustainable development.

You may already know us from the introduction of reusable cups at TU/e events, from our various workshops or movie nights, maybe from our Green Week or any of the other projects we’ve done last year. Your role will be to initiate and organise projects like those above, and come up with even better ideas!

Specific functions
Besides being responsible for the execution of the different projects you will also be responsible for one specific function. We’re currently looking for:

  • You are responsible for the development of the GO Green Office website.
  • You are responsible for the activity on the social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter) using the management platform Coosto. 
  • You are challenged to come up with creative new ideas and original designs.
  • You are responsible for the contacts within university concerning the practical operational activities. This includes for example the building managers and Heijmans.
  • For the short term projects, you can help the team members with finding the right person to set the arrangements with. 
  • You are familiar with activities and organizations on campus. You actively search for collaborations on the small scale in order to improve the exposure of the Green Office. This concerns offline promotion and events. 
    Notice: in contrast to the external event manager, you will be actively searching for parties on campus to collaborate with. 
  • You are in close contact with the study associations and the FSE to stimulate them to implement sustainable solutions in the daily routines of the associations.
  • You are responsible for ongoing exhibitions in the Green Office on the ground floor of Atlas
  • You are responsible for the interior of the room
  • You are responsible for external relations who want to use the room for gatherings etc.
  • You are responsible for the contacts within the university that decide about the courses and the education programs (ESA, teachers, etc.)
  • You are responsible for the process of the SustainaBUL
  • You are responsible for the education policy regarding sustainability and the SDGs 
  • You will be member of the SNE:
    1. You will be the bridge between the GO Green Office and the Sustainability Network Eindhoven (SNE). You will inform the team on the latest progress.
    2. You are responsible for the activities related to your personal function within the SNE.
    3. You are the representative of the network at the university and you are responsible for the community and the future of the SNE in the name of the GO Green Office.
  • You are responsible for the exploration and set up of a new, volunteer based way of working
  • You are responsible for the recruitment of volunteers
  • You are responsible for the set up of committees for large scale projects and events

You are an enthusiastic, out-of-the-box thinker with passion for sustainability who likes to take the initiative and work together in a small team. Experience with additional activities is a plus. You have social skills, are able to mobilize and connect people. You are at least a 2nd year student and enrolled at the TU/e.

Being a member of the GO Green Office is a paid job for at least 5 months for 8 hours a week. You’ll get paid as a student assistant via Euflex.

Are you interested?
Let us know why you want to work for the GO Green Office, why sustainability is so important to you, what specific function you’re interested in and send your CV and motivation to before June 8th 2020. Interviews will take place in the first weeks of June.

TU/e maintains first place as most sustainable university of the Netherlands!

The GO Green Office helped this year again with filling out the forms for the sustainaBUL ranking of ‘Studenten voor Morgen’. This is done in colaboration with the internal affairs department.

The SustainaBUL ranking has 4 different topics namely:

▪  Education    ▪  Business management

▪  Research      ▪  Integral approach___

A questionnaire was send to each participant with questions related to these topics, for each subject a total of 100 points could be awarded. All answers had to be supported with clear and correct evidence, otherwise no points were awarded.

This year the sustainaBUL was won by the TU/e for the second year in a row!

The jury found the best practice of Team SOLID so impressive, that Eindhoven University of Technology could again take the first price home.


The GO Green Office is the platform where students and employees with fresh minds connect to shape inspiring ideas and launch projects, all with the objective to stimulate sustainable growth. Interested to find out more about Green Offices or do you want to start your own office? Check out the websites of Studenten voor Morgen and the Green Office Movement!


The GO Green Office believes sustainability should be incorporated and visible in everyone’s daily life at TU/e.


The GO Green Office wants to enable advancements which increase sustainability in daily activities and operations at TU/e. Simultaneously we want to raise awareness about sustainability: what does TU/e do and why, and to increase self-knowledge about personal influence on sustainability (what you can do).

TU/e Festival Cups

To stop the “sea of plastic” which can be found on the floor after a regular outdoor party, GO Green Office introduces reusable festival cups. Every TU/e related festival, event or activity can borrow these for FREE! Are you organizing an event yourselves? Then become a certified sustainable event! Check out how this works by pressing the button below

Read more on Festival Cups
Become a certified sustainable event
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TU/e is a Fairtrade University!

Already since November 2016, Eindhoven University of Technology can proudly call itself a Fairtrade university. Besides sharing the philosophy of the Fairtrade organisation, purchasing genuine and fair products and pursuing sustainable operational management, the University tries to look for new opportunities in the field of technological developments.

GO Green Office is a key driver of Fairtrade at the TU/e campus. Fairtrade stands for better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world.