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To achieve sustainability activities, the GO Green Office works with several partners. Together, multidisciplinary work is being done to realize inspiring and powerful goals. There is an interaction between students and teachers, education and business, where major and minor goals are central. The partners range from internal (TU / e) organizations to external parties that represent a variety of topics from social to technical aspects.

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The aim of the GO Green Office is to inspire others with her activities. This is the reason that GO Green Office spends a lot of attention via social media, TU/e-website and the GO Green OFfice website. The activities organized by the GO Green Office and its partners regularly get the media’s positive attention. Sustainability is alive and it is reflected in GO Green Office publications in both regional and national, (subject-specific) media.


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The heart of TU/e is formed by 4,500 researchers, teachers and staff. Many of them are sustainability experts in a variety of disciplines. The GO Green Office makes them and their field visible to the outside guard through interviews. This gives insights into TU/e knowledge, achieves accessibility and stimulates (unexpected) connections. The series is a continuous project that makes the complex and fascinating TU / e world more visible.


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