The GO Green Office is the organization of TU/e students and employees, that aims to make the operations, education, and the people on the TU/e move towards sustainability by shaping inspiring ideas and launching projects. Interested to find out more about Green Offices or do you want to start your own office? Check out the websites of Studenten voor Morgen and the Green Office Movement!


The GO Green Office believes sustainability should be incorporated and visible on the campus and in the lives of employees and students.


The GO Green Office aims to create awareness about the importance of sustainability, stimulate to take action via promotion and executing projects, and provide the support needed to empower the action.

TU/e Festival Cups

To stop the “sea of plastic” which can be found on the floor after a regular outdoor party, GO Green Office introduces reusable festival cups. Every TU/e related festival, event or activity can borrow these for FREE! Are you organizing an event yourselves? Then become a certified sustainable event! Check out how this works by pressing the button below

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Become a certified sustainable event
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Vacancy Sustainable Change Agent (8 hours/week)

Are you interested in joining the GO Green Office at the TU/e? Currently, we are looking for new members starting in February or March 2021! The starting date depends on the function.

If you are interested in making the internal processes more sustainable at the TU/e-organization and around the campus, or if you are interested in improving the education of the students by promoting sustainability in courses, the GO Green Office at TU/e might be the perfect working place for you.

We are specifically looking for someone whose main role will be to be part of our communications team. We’re looking for a specialist who knows how to promote our projects on social media and who knows how to work with graphic design software and is able to create visual content. Besides communication, you will be part of different projects if your help is needed in those projects.

You have a professional and critical attitude and you can work in a team as well as individually. You are encouraged and are able to take initiative and develop new ideas and initiatives. You will work 8 hours per week on GO Green Office related activities, which you will be able to plan in for yourself apart from the weekly general members meeting. You will be paid according to the study-assistant loan at TU/e (non-study related).

To apply, send a motivation letter to gogreenoffice@tue.nl before January 24th. In your application, you should include how you can make a difference for GO Green Office, and why you are the best person for this job. Also, include your CV. We hope to hear from you soon!

  • You are responsible for the development of the GO Green Office website.
  • You are responsible for the activity on the social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter) using the management platform Coosto. 
  • You are challenged to come up with creative new ideas and original designs.

More info and the story of the current Chief Promotion can be found here!

  • You are responsible for ongoing exhibitions in the Green Office on the ground floor of Atlas
  • You are responsible for the interior of the room
  • You are responsible for external relations who want to use the room for gatherings etc.

More info and the story of the current Chief Green Room can be found here!

  • You are responsible for the contacts within the university that decide about the courses and the education programs (ESA, teachers, etc.)
  • Work together with the TU/e on including more sustainability in the study programs.
  • You are responsible for the process of the SustainaBUL
  • You are responsible for the education policy regarding sustainability and the SDGs 

More info and the story of the current Chief Sustainable Education can be found here!

  • Responsible for making a policy regarding the gathering of volunteers for sustainable projects within the university.
  • Responsible for searching for new projects to introduce on campus that can be executed by new volunteers.
  • Staying in contact with current volunteers and attracting new students.
  • Stay informed about ongoing projects and whether extra help from volunteers is needed and in what kind of ways.

More info and the story of the current Chief Volunteering can be found here!