TU/e maintains first place as most sustainable university of the Netherlands!

The GO Green Office helped this year again with filling out the forms for the sustainaBUL ranking of ‘studenten van morgen’. This is done in colaboration with the internal affairs department.

The SustainaBUL ranking has 4 different topics namely:

▪  Education    ▪  Business management

▪  Research      ▪  Integral approach___

A questionnaire was send to each participant with questions related to these topics, for each subject a total of 100 points could be awarded. All answers had to be supported with clear and correct evidence, otherwise no points were awarded.

This year the sustainaBUL was won by the TU/e for the second year in a row!

The jury found the best practice of Team Solid so impressive, that TU Eindhoven could again take the first price home.

Do you want to know more about Morgen ? Check out https://lnkd.in/fTwKd6V

Sustainabul 2019: https://lnkd.in/fQwXpZy


The GO Green Office believes sustainability should be incorporated and visible in everyone’s daily life at TU/e.


The GO Green Office wants to enable advancements which increase sustainability in daily activities and operations at TU/e. Simultaneously we want to raise awareness about sustainability: what does TU/e do and why, and to increase self-knowledge about personal influence on sustainability (what you can do).


The GO Green Office is the platform where students and employees with fresh minds connect to shape inspiring ideas and launch projects at the TU/e, all with the objective to stimulate sustainable growth at the TU/e.

TU/e Festival Cups

To stop the “sea of plastic” which can be found on the floor after a regular outdoor party, GO Green Office introduces reusable festival cups. Every TU/e related festival, event or activity can borrow these for FREE! Are you organizing an event yourselves? Then become a certified sustainable event! Check out how this works by pressing the button below

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